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Top Rated Golf Carts

  • Elide Onio
  • October 04th, 2018
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    The GAPR MID is slightly wider and more forgiving than the LO and will appeal to the widest range of players while the HI features the largest clubhead of the three models and a profile that most resembles a traditional Rescue club. A low and deep CG location in the GAPR HI promotes the highest trajectory and the most forgiveness.

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    In case you’re wondering the Pro V1 offers a slightly higher launch angle off the tee with medium compression while the Pro V1x produces the highest launch with the firmest compression of the group.

    One very important thing to keep in mind when selecting a golf ball or any piece of golf equipment for that matter is that what works for Justin Thomas or Adam Scott likely has no bearing on what might work best for you. Pick the ball that helps you shoot your best scores – that’s what the pros do.

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    Enter Andres Victoriano a certified True Spec fitter at the company’s shop at Trump National Doral Miami who gave Montoro a custom fitting and made a couple of interesting changes to his bag including swapping a hybrid for one of his long irons and getting him into a new iron model altogether to combat his spin.

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    Beginning on August 24 2018 the Stars and Stripes version of the Chrome Soft Truvis as well as a Chrome Soft X Truvis with the same Stars and Stripes pattern will be available at retail.

    Gallery of Top Rated Golf Carts

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