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Golf Causes Hook Shot Pull Snap Avoid Clash Fix Duck Correcting

  • Irmina Beneventi
  • October 05th, 2018
  • Drivers
  • golf causes hook shot pull snap avoid clash fix duck correcting drivers definition

    The new GAPR clubs are of interest to a lot of folks and for good reason as they do what they’re designed to do very well. The simple answer to your question is yes the GAPR line is designed for any player who needs to bridge the gap between their longest iron and shortest fairway wood which in reality is pretty much everyone.

    Joseph Montoro a 45-year-old 11-handicapper from Miami has some talent thanks to a background in baseball and a clubhead speed that hits 104 mph with the driver. With his current off-the-rack clubs his tendency was to miss a lot of shots to the right—fine when you’re advancing a runner to third but not when you’re aiming for fairways and greens. Joseph also felt that given his speed he was leaving yards on the table.

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    Golf Causes Hook Shot Pull Snap Avoid Clash Fix Duck Correcting

    definition avoid shot causes clash snap hook fix duck golf pull drivers

    Golf Causes Hook Shot Pull Snap Avoid Clash Fix Duck Correcting

    golf definition correcting avoid hook pull duck clash causes fix snap drivers shot

    Golf Causes Hook Shot Pull Snap Avoid Clash Fix Duck Correcting

    Enter Andres Victoriano a certified True Spec fitter at the company’s shop at Trump National Doral Miami who gave Montoro a custom fitting and made a couple of interesting changes to his bag including swapping a hybrid for one of his long irons and getting him into a new iron model altogether to combat his spin.

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