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Golf Swing

  • Alceo Lorenzo
  • September 21st, 2018
  • Drivers
  • board basics mechanics drills slow app view seq from golf drill beginners irons swing behind tiger tempo trainer analyzer motion posters driver back aids plane woods ball for drivers perfector by trackmygolf android

    The reigning PGA champion uses a Cameron X5 fang-style mallet prototype. This custom model features a flow neck rather than a double-bend face-balanced design which allows the putter to more easily swing on a slight arc. He also favors a SuperStroke grip in this case the Pistol GT Tour.

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    Since then Thomas upgraded to the new Titleist TS3 driver and a TS3 fairway wood. Those two clubs have not be unveiled to the public officially yet. You can expect the company to announce them later in the year.

    Though a lot of folks seem to think of the GAPR clubs as driving irons they’re much more than that as there are three models LO MID and HI each of which is designed to cover the full gamut of players swing types and needs.

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    A forged carbon steel clubhead further enhances feel at impact while an internal face perimeter cut-out design increases the effective hitting area on the face by about 15%. This provides more forgiveness on off center hits and better ballspeed retention overall.

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    Trackmygolf Photos Ladies Slow Sklz App Tiger Wrist Aids Straight Woods Motion Board Analyzer Mechanics Swing Plane Iron Left Basics Driver Drills Arm Android Irons Sequence

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    Motion Mechanics Drills Behind Iron Book Basics Aid Arm Straight Irons Trainer App Swing Slow Begin Drill Analyzer Driver Lines For Golf Posters Sequence Aids Left From Plane

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    Behind Woods Front Swing Aid Slow Plane Motion Tige For Irons Trainer Golf Analyzer Images App Perfector Aids Lines Beginners Mechanics Basics Trackmygolf Tool Sequence Drills

    The GAPR MID is slightly wider and more forgiving than the LO and will appeal to the widest range of players while the HI features the largest clubhead of the three models and a profile that most resembles a traditional Rescue club. A low and deep CG location in the GAPR HI promotes the highest trajectory and the most forgiveness.

    Gallery of Golf Swing

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